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Visas and entry conditions in Cameroon

Citizens from ECCAS member countries and Nigeria do not require an entry visa to Cameroon. However, participants from Niger and other non ECCAS countries should make all necessary arrangements to get entry visas from the Cameroon Missions in their respective countries or duty stations. Participants from countries without Mission should forward copies of their passport biodata to the LCBC RSS Secretariat as soon as possible and not later than 15 days before departure.

endeavour to forward to the Regional Stabilization Strategy Secretariat (RSS Secretariat of the LCBC and the Delegation Liaison Officer (DLOs) of their respective countries copies of their passports and travel Itinerary ten (10) days prior to the travel in Cameroon to enable the issuance of an entry visa on arrival at entry ports of the Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport or Douala International Airport.

The DLO for each of the LCB countries are:

In addition, holders of UNLP do not require any entry visa into Cameroon.

Each participant should carry all documents related to the Forum (Letter of invitation or travel authorization, etc.). For any additional visa related question kindly contact Elisabeth Nguidjol at elisabeth.nguidjol@undp.org and Mohammed Kachallah LCBC Protocol Officer at kachallahkasser@gmail.com

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