The International Support Group (ISG) former Oslo Consultative Group for Prevention and stabilization was established in 2017. It provided a political dialogue format aiming on conflict prevention and stabilization, as well as for information sharing (incl. best practices) and comprises nine countries and international organizations that contribute to the Lake Chad Basin region’s stabilization, recovery, and resilience.

The members of the ISG regard the RSS as the unifying principle for sub-national, national, regional, and international action to address the challenges in the Lake Chad region and coordinate their efforts. The International Support Group members agreed to establish the group as a forum for political discussion and information sharing, beyond the role of donors, but to support the RSS as partners. The ISG includes Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherland, African Union, UNDP, CMI, European Union, African Development Bank (AfDB).

The Governors Forum is hosted this year by Cameroon in collaboration with the Lake Chad Basin Commission through the RSS Secretariat on behalf of partners